I grew up to the sound of cicadas, surrounded by a loving, large family.

Here, gentleness and simplicity are cherished, as well as difference. None of my sisters have followed the same path. They are adventurers and scientists, while I am the artist: the one who studied art, moved to the other side of the world, writes stories and tattoos her skin. Our common point is nature. We are only at ease among the mountains. Our gathering place. Family and nature. My permanent inspirations.


Mamoja is the contraction of my name Marion, and my second names, Monique and Janine. The names of my beloved grandmas that resonate so strongly in my heart.

My grandmother Monique left me with her pocket watch, which was a gift from my grandfather. An inheritance. A gift from time. I wear it at each important moment of my life: my exams, an interview, a rendezvous with my beloved like a talisman, my lucky charm. From my grandmother Janine, I inherited aslave necklace, a barrell pendant, once given as a token of love to one's beloved. It is the only piece of jewellery we have of her. A jewellery with a lot of meaning, as the first MAMOJA jewellery was inspired by it! Beyond jewellery, these are stories of love and inheritance that were passed on to me. Jewellery that arelucky charms. They have a soul. They hold the intention we wish to give them, as an extension of ourselves.



MAMOJA is simple. It came to life from my story, my sensitivity and my desire to share, like it was meant to be.

The philosophy of yoga and the culture of Hinduism fascinate me and have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. My training with yoga teachers and art historians nourishes, balances and ignites my desire to imagine. I learn yoga in all its forms. It is a way to center myself, to focus, to challenge and to give myself confidence. My childhood was steeped in this culture. My grandfather often repeated to us that he only believed in Buddha. At 10 years old my Indonesian friend initiated me to the ancestral dances of the gods. Fascinated by the innumerable Hindu divinities, I even made it my end of studies thesis. I deeply believe in an energy, in man and nature. My creations are therefore the testimony of this mix, this passion, this belief that I cherish. My jewels, I tell them with passion. Here, no trend. Just desires !


From my roots, my beliefs and my passions, comes the desire to share my own interpretation of jewelry of a new kind.

My creations are a mix of tradition and modernity, of deep links that seek to reconcile the harmony of body and mind. MAMOJA is addressed to the modern "spiritual" woman connected to the life around her, but above all to nature, to the modern warrior that sleeps in each of us.