Take care of my jewelry

How to take care of my jewelry?

Jewelry doesn't like soap, perfumes, cosmetics, and even less cleaning products!

Avoid wearing your jewelry when sleeping, taking a shower or doing sports activities.

Store them separately from other jewelry to avoid bumping them.

How to clean my jewelry?

On a daily basis, jewelry can darken in certain areas due to contact with the skin (depending on the PH), sun and air: don't worry, this is perfectly normal.

To give your jewelry back its natural shine, use warm water or rub it with a soft cloth such as "chamois"..

Silver jewelry naturally oxidizes with air and humidity. Occasional cleaning with a special cloth helps keep silver shiny and removes oxidation. To avoid oxidation as much as possible, keep your silver jewelry in a closed bag away from air.

The patina tends to disappear over time. The speed at which it disappears depends on how the jewelry is maintained and the PH of your skin. The patina that fades is the result of perfectly normal natural wear.