Sacred jewelry

Feeding on the philosophy of Yoga to take care of one's being, one's soul. There are different means. Singing mantras is one of them.


The power of sacred words

All human beings, animals, plants and all material or immaterial elements vibrate with energy..

A mantra is a sacred sound with a particular energy. Yogis have been chanting them for thousands of years. Short phrase or simple word that is repeated, they are recited, sung and sometimes even written. Mantras have the ability to act on the body and soul. They deliver their benefits to those who sing and listen to them. These sacred words contain positive energy. They accompany us, purify the mind, and open the heart. They have the ability to "tune us back in", like a remedy. No need to learn how to stand on your head or have special skills. All you have to do is repeat orally or internally, listen, vibrate to feel the energy of the mantra.

To create the first MAMOJA jewelry piece, I drew inspiration from the Bija Mantra. The "Holy Seed" jewelry piece symbolizes the shape of a seed and is engraved with a Mantra that emits positive energy.

Powerful mantras to vibrate messages of hope, to cultivate courage, trust, love, positivity...sacred mantras to celebrate women and their powers. These creations will reveal your power through the power of words.


Jewels that come to life

Each new collection is blessed by Ida Resi Alit, the youngest priestess of Bali.

Ida performs a traditional Hindu ceremony to activate the objects with their energies. Each ceremony begins by cleaning her soul with water and a prayer.

The jewelry is placed in an offering box and mixed with flowers. They are then sprinkled with holy water, and mantras are chanted, purifying and infusing them with divine energies. In her right hand, Ida holds a bell. In Buddhist rituals, the sound emitted by the bells is considered auspicious and drives away evil spirits from where the ritual is performed. In her left hand, Ida holds a "vajra" (which means thunderbolt). The bell and vajra come from the goddess Durga. The bell represents the wisdom of the spirit. The vajra represents illumination and indestructible mental power. Together they represent the union of the masculine and feminine principles. The sound emitted by the bell represents the word of Buddha teaching the Dharma.

This blessing is called "Pasupati". It is said that the power of Shiva enters the object to make it alive. A ceremony in Bali is a whole.